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Hi friends,

Thanks again for all your support and prayers.  My ministry continues because of it.
Here's where I'll be traveling and singing this week.

SAT - NOV 7 - New Paris, PA - Chestnut Ridge Fellowship - 6:30 PM
SUN - NOV 8 - Cessna, PA - St. Johns Christian Church - 10:45 AM  &  7:00 PM

And please consider next weeks great events -

FRI - NOV 13 - Stephens City, VA - Greenway Spirit & Word Church - 6:00 PM (as The Millers, singing with PromisedLand Qt., and Sunday Drive)
SAT - NOV 14 - Carlisle, PA - Otterbein United Methodist - 6:00 PM (Tickets required - with ME, and The Millers, and the Dixie Melody Boys)

See ya soon and God bless,