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Hey friends, I just wanted to remind you of this Saturday's Concert at Churchtown Church of God in Boiling Springs, PA

Concert will begin at 6:00 PM and will feature myself, as well as my friends March Forth.
A love offering will be received during the concert, and as always, all are welcome to attend.
I look forward to seeing many of you there!!!
SAT - MAR 6 - Boiling Springs, PA - Churchtown Church of God - 6:00 PM
SUN - MAR 14 - Buena Vista, VA - Greater Vision Pentecostal - 11:00 AM
FRI - MAR 26 - Abbottstown, PA - Harvest Chapel Church - 6:00 PM
SAT - MAR 27 - Boiling Springs, PA - Churchtown Church of God - 6:00 PM
WED - MAR 31 - Newville, PA - South Fairview 1st Church of God - 7:00 PM

God bless you all,