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Hi folks,

As usual, I'm tired, but I'm happy.  I'm always happy.  God is good all the time, even when life is going a little rough and rocky, God is still my rock and my refuge.
Continue to praise Him through the good AND the bad.
Here's what is happening this weekend -
SAT - SEP 25 - MECHANICSBURG, PA - GOOD NEWS CHURCH - 6:00 PM    (Holly Fehr Memorial Concert - Many groups and singers will be appearing)
SUN - SEP 26 - WOODFORD, VA - FULL GOSPEL CHURCH - 6:00 PM    (as The Millers)
I am now accepting bookings/concerts for Fall/Winter 2022, call soon to schedule for next years events.
Continue to pray for me, my ministry, and my family, and I will continue to pray for all of you.
God Bless,