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(February 16,2012) 

Happy Winter !

I had some exciting concerts last week. Thursday night, I sang for the wonderful folks at Sarah Todd Home in Carlisle, PA. It is always a joy to see the smiles on their faces. Friday night, also in carlisle, PA, I did something very unusual. I shared the stage with contemporary christian artist Pete Einstein as we went back and forth showcasing the dfferents styles of music we do. It was a very neat evening. Satruday night was a dinner concert in Chambersburg, PA, where I shared the stage with The Needhams. Theiy are a wonderful family group from TN, and they did a fantastic job singing.. Sunday night, I was excited to be in Stamford, NY singing at the Baptist church there. Thank you for the to go snacks !!

I hope to see you all at a concert real soon . . . . God bless !!!!!