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Randy's Blog

Hello, it's been several weeks since my last entry, and for that, I am sorry.   Everyone knows how much I love breakfast.  In the last few weeks, I've had the opportunity to have breakfast with Neil Enloe, and Billy Walker, whom are both great singers in their own right.  There's something about getting together over breakfast and fellowshipping about the Lord's work.  It just goes hand in hand !! 

Labor Day Weekend's Gospel Sing in Chambersburg, PA at Twin Bridge Campground went wonderful !!!  Mercy's Vessel, AND Keystone State Quartet both did a great job !!!  Thanks to Chris and Brenda Shockey (and their staff) for doing the food stand ... GREAT JOB !!!!  

Thursday's (Sept. 9) concert in Shiremanstown, PA was exciting. I can't wait to sing for ya'll again !!  

I enjoying singing (again) with Mercy's Vessel last Saturday in Shippensburg, PA at the Ridge Church.  I met some new friends there; a group from KY called Common Bond Quartet.  They did a super job.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Anniversary Concert last Saturday night.  I certainly appreciate your love, support, and mostly your prayers !!!  SPECIAL thank you to Wayne King and his crew (all 9 of them) that came down from Avoca, NY (5 hour drive) to be at both concerts on Saturday.  I'm happy that you stayed over for church Sunday morning.

Keep checking back and clicking on our 'tour schedule' page, new dates are being added every week !!!!  Thank you to everyone that has called for concert dates !!!

Keep praying for my ministry !!!!



Hello and Happy 'mid-week'! I want to tell you about last weekend's travels. Saturday, I sang at Orchard Springs Fellowship Church in Aspers, PA. They held a benefit concert for their Women's Ministry. Annette Noel did a great job putting everything together, and I personally thank the groups and artists that volunteered their time to come and sing. Eric Cooper and Journy of Grace did and outstanding job, Dusty Aleman provided great Christian Country Music, and Perfect Love did just down right great !! I was happy to be a part of this annual event. Mark your calendars for next year, August 6, 2011.

Sunday morning, we traveled to Warfordsburg, PA and sang at Bethel Community Church for Pastor Gary Quakenboss. (yes, it's pronounced just as it's spelled) We had a wonderful service there, and enjoyed the fried chicken, and other meal compliments, as a part of the weekly after service fellowship lunch!
I can't wait til next years concert.


Hi folks, let's catch up on last weekend.  I sang (and MC'd) Friday and Saturday night at King's Kid's Camp in Dillsburg, PA.  On Friday night, I shared the stage with The Hagans Family (thanks for letting me play drums with ya !!) The Lesters, The Jacobs Bros., palmetto State Qt, and one of my all time favorites, Dave, Duane and Neil (the original Couriers).  It was a fantastic night.  Saturday night, I sang withThe Pickerings, The Jacobs Bros., The Dixie Echoes, PromisedLand Qt., and another favorite of mine, The Dixie Melody Boys!!  On Sunday morning, I sang at Mt. Holly Church of God and after the service, they had a wonderful outdoor luncheon.  During lunch, something bit me on my ankle.  I don't know what, but I think it was a spider.  I didn't think much more about it.  We then traveled to Williamsport, PA to sing that night.  By the time we arrived (4:15 pm), I was very sick.  I went to see a doctor Monday evening.  I was very sick, my left leg (knee to ankle) was swollen and bright pink red!  Long story short, and after some strong antibiotics, I am feeling much, much better!!  Thank you everyone for your prayers!!  I am now spiderman !!  LOL


WOW, It was hot last week, and several of my six concerts were outside.  Wednesday night, I sang at the City Park in Hagerstown, MD.  Thanks to all the folks that came out in the sweltering tempreture.  It was great to see many familiar faces there that evening.  We had a great time in Bath, NY Friday night at the Nite Lite Gospel House.  Thanks to Ron & Claudia Pinkerton for being such great hosts!!  Saturday night, we sang with Revived, a wonderful trio from DE, and they did a fine job.  Sunday morning, I sang at my home church, and simply enjoyed singing close to home for a change.  Sunday night was another outdoor concert at North Middleton Park, also close to home, and we shared the stage with local favorites Chapter VII.  It was a great concert!  In other news, the "interim bus" [van] is working out just fine.  Please pray that we'll find a buyer/bus company to purchase the bus.  The frame in the front of the bus is rusting away and way too costly to try and repair.  Thanks for praying for my ministry!!  God bless!!   Randy 


Hey gang!!!  We had a great weekend of ministry.   We sang all day (ALL DAY) long at the festival grounds in East Waterford, PA on Saturday.  Many of our friends were there singing with us ..... The Choraliers & Pearl, Eric Cooper, Dusty Aleman, Joe Tomlinson, Terry Kent, Mercy's Vessel, Randy Pensinger, and many others. It was a beautiful day for food, fun, fellowship, and Gospel Music!!   We left there about 10:30 pm and still had a long drive ahead of us to Seaford, DE.  Mark, Jordan, and I arrived at our motel at 4:00 am!!  So, we did get a couple hours of sleep.  Now, although we had sang for this congregation before, this was our first time to sing at their new location.  They outgrew their last church building and moved into a larger facility, and it was and very beautiful place to worship and sing!  Bethel Worship Center has always treated me so well, and special thanks to Danny and Barbara Jewell for treating us to lunch after the service!!  They didn't think I would jump off their stage/platform, but 3 feet height is still do-able at my age .... ha-ha!!  I fooled them all as I leaped high in the air, still singing all the while!!  With all the great songs that I sing, Seaford, DE still always asks for the "Death of the Pillsbury Dough Boy"  and "Bluegrass Song" .... why, I don't know?!?!  But on a serious note, I am looking forward to July (2011), for they asked me to return again the same time next year and do it all again !!!!!!

God bless,


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