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Over Memorial Day Weekend, we held the annual Gospel Sing at Twin Bridge Campground.  Our featured guest was Last Generation (Mike & Karen Mateztian) they did a great job singing.  As I was finishing sound check and getting ready to start the concert, I spotted a young girl who I thought I recognized.  It couldn't be Lara, she lives in Oklahoma, 20+ hours away, so who could it be??  I was racking my brain wondering who this girl could be ..... wait .... it is Lara!!!  She just graduated high school, and wanted to come to PA and see my concert as her graduation present.  Now, that is a surprise!!  I need some more friends/fans like this!!  After the concert, Lara and her grandparents, and my crew all went to Perkins for fun food and fellowship!!  It was great catching up with them.  Thanks Lara, for being so great, I hope to come and sing in OK in the future!!!


I started out this past weekend having only 2 concerts.  I'd rather have 4 or 5, and I was happy, of course, to perform for both.  The first, was downtown Carlisle for the Amani Festival on Saturday morning and afternoon, and then Sunday morning up in Punxsutawney, PA with my good friend 'Phil',  you know, the little brown haired fellow that lets us know if Spring is on the way!  Well, Saturday afternoon, before the end of the festival, I received a call from The Couriers, yes, the original Couriers, who were scheduled to sing Saturday night and Sunday night for some churches in the PA area.  But, it seems Duane and Neil were very ill and couldn't really talk, let alone sing.  They asked if I could possibly fill in for them at these other two concerts.  Although I was available, it would mean a really tight travel schedule to make all concerts.  I grew up listening to (and thoroughly enjoying) The Couriers.  They are like Gospel Music Legends to me.  I was almost nervous wondering if I could fill such big shoes.  With the help of the Lord, and a 'little anointing', all of the concerts went extremely well !  Saturday's outdoor festival had great weather, Saturday nights spur of the moment fill in concert was grand!  It was a 50th wedding anniversary dinner banquet for Norman & Ruth Ann Hoser.  Congradulations to them!  Mark and I left there and went straight to Punxsatawney,PA and sang for Covode U.M. Church Sunday morning, and then drive all the way back to Millersburg, PA for a wonderful night with the Assembly of God church.  WOW, what a weekend.  Thank you to The Couriers for thinking of me, and believe me, I was delighted to take on the call !!!!!!!   because as you know, I love singing Southern Gospel Music!!!!!



This coming Saturday, I will be in concert with The Gabriels.  This is one of the groups that was very instrumental in my wanting to become a Gospel Singer.   This is the group that my dad played piano with all through the 1970's.  I would listen to them sing as a young lad, and just dream about one day traveling and singing Gospel Music.  Yes, that is how I caught the "bug".  The Lord has given me the desires of my heart.  Please make plans to come out and be with us on Saturday, April 24, at Philip Bongiorno Conference Center here in Carlisle, PA.  The concert starts at 6 pm.  I know that this will be a very memorable evening!!  I have so many great memories from the past.    Please RSVP by Friday to 717-249-4079.  Thanks!  I hope to see everybody there!!!!!


First of all, for those that know me, you know that I don't eat a lot of desserts, such as cakes and pies and such.  Let me explain. Today, I sang for the Farm Bureau Women's Day Out Luncheon.  This means that I not only did I sing, not only did I get to eat a good lunch, but I was able to do that all with a room full of beautiful women!  So, it was a GOOD day!  Thank you to Wilma Rolar for scheduling this concert, and thanks to Julie Peckard for giving me a nice introduction.  She introduced me as a "Joy Spreader".  At first, I thought she said manure spreader, I mean, I WAS singing for the Farm Bureau!  You see, there is a big difference, one brings a lot of smiles, and the other brings a lot of STINK!  It was also nice to see my favorite "adopted aunt" Doris "Ruby" Hockenberry.  I hope they call me again for next years Farm Ladies Day Out!!! 

I love singing Southern Gospel Music!


We had a marvelous concert Saturday night with "Harmony Sound".  Donna Godshall, whom I had met almost ten years ago, and who has a wonderful solo ministry, also sings as part of a trio called Harmony Sound.  Donna, along with Tim Reid and Dennis Neal have a great sound and have great personalities as well.  I especially enjoyed the fellowship we had afterwards at the diner, that's always a blessing!!

Mark and I are continuing to work on my new CD project.  I hope to have it ready for release by mid May!

Be sure to mark your calendar for next month's Churchtown Concert Series.  Saturday, April 10th, 7 pm, at Churchtown Church of God in Boiling Springs, PA.  Our featured guests will be The Keystone State Quartet!!

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