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Randy's Blog

This past weekend's travels would've been just great ..... if we were penquins!  Mark, Jordan, and I traveled to Newport, PA for Saturday night and had an exciting time.  It was a Valentine's Dinner Concert at my friend's (Ken & Joann Berriers) church.  Ken and his kitchen staff prepared a great feast (thanks for sending leftovers home with us).  But, it was after 9:30 pm until we were leaving and had a little ways to go to get to Trevorton, where we were spending the night outside the church that had booked us for the morning.  Hoping to arrive by 11:00 pm, we hit a couple snafus, and after 2 wrong turns, and getting stuck in a snow bank, we finally crawled into our bunks on the bus by 1:00 am.  Remind me to keep a shovel in the bus, and maybe some chains.

Please keep the cards, letters, donations, and prayers coming folks!!!!