Born May 11, 1969, Randy was raised in a Christian home.  His father, Terry, played piano with The Gabriels, a Gospel quartet well known in Pennsylvania for their unique style and harmonies.  As a young boy, Randy learned to love and enjoy Gospel music, hoping to one day follow in his father's footsteps of traveling and singing the Gospel in song.  Unfortunately, Randy was tempted as a young teenager to try other styles of music; and as a result, started playing drums and singing in heavy metal rock bands in bars and clubs.  In July  of 1985, shortly after his 16th birthday, Randy not only realized his need for salvation, but that God's call on his life, and the desire of his heart as a young child was the same:  to sing Gospel music.

Since then, Randy has been part of several Gospel Music Ministries:

  • September 1985 - June 1986 with The King's Messengers.
  • June 1986 - December 1987 with The Valley Four Quartet.
  • January 1988 - September 1988 with The King's Messengers.
  • September 1988 - May 1999 with The Brothers Quartet.

Randy's biggest decision came in April 1999, when he decided to follow the Lord's direction and step into a full-time Solo Ministry.  For over 25 years now, Randy has been traveling all over the United States proclaiming the Gospel in song.  Randy is now recognized as one of the most dynamic vocalists in Southern Gospel Music.  His popularity may be explained by his personality that has been described as "happy," "friendly," "positive, " and "warm and gentle" just to name a few. 

  • In 2004, Randy was elected to serve as Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Southern Gospel Music Association.
  • In March 2010, Randy was voted Pennsylvania's Favorite Southern Gospel Male Singer of the year.

If you have an opportunity to see Randy in concert, your ears will be pleased and your hear will be blessed!